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Parts > Electrical Items > Anjing 12V / 24V Battery Charger

12V / 24V Battery Charger

Anjing Electrical Items - 12V / 24V Battery Charger

12 Volt & 24 V Battery Charger with overheat protection and over charge protection, Select Correct Voltage Automatically, reverse Connection Protection.

This part is suitable for:

      Kubota K008-3
      Benford Benford HD1000
      Terex PS3000
      JCB 8010
      Kubota U17-3
      Kubota U15-3
      Wacker Neuson EZ28
      Wacker Neuson EZ17
      Kubota KX71-3
      Wacker Neuson ET18
      JCB JS130
      Kubota KX36-3
      Kubota KX61-3
      Kubota KX41-3
      Kubota U55-4
      Kubota KX161-3
      Kubota U10-3
      Kubota KX016-4
      Kubota KX015-4
      Terex Terex
      Terex TV800
      Takeuchi TB016
      Kubota KX121-2
      Kubota KX121-3
      Terex Terex HD1000
      Terex HD1000
      Kubota KX080-3
      Kubota KX018-4
      Kubota KX27-4
      Kubota KX30-4
      Kubota U20-3
      Kubota U48-4
      Thwaites 6 Ton
      Hitachi ZX130-3
      Wacker Neuson EZ38
      Wacker Neuson ET24
      Daf LF55-180
      Takeuchi TB138FR
      Takeuchi TB210R
      Takeuchi TB153R
      Takeuchi TB215R
      Yanmar VIO20
      Yanmar VIO20 Super
      Yanmar B22
      Yanmar B25V
      Yanmar VIO30
      Yanmar VIO30-1
      Yanmar VIO30-2
      Yanmar VIO30-2V
      Yanmar VIO35
      Yanmar B27
      Yanmar VIO50
      Yanmar VIO55
      Yanmar VIO75
      Kubota KX080-4
      Kubota U25-3
      Kubota U27-4
      Kubota U30-3
      Kubota U35-3
      Kubota U45-3
      Kubota U50-3
      Kubota KX91-3
      Kubota KX101-3
      JCB 8020
      JCB 8025
      JCB 8026
      JCB 8030
      JCB 8035
      JCB 803E
      JCB 803 plus
      JCB 803 Super
      JCB 803.2
      JCB 804
      JCB 852
      JCB 8045
      Takeuchi TB025
      Takeuchi TB030
      Takeuchi TB125
      Takeuchi TB028
      Takeuchi TB130
      Takeuchi TB135
      Takeuchi TB28FR
      Takeuchi TB145
      Takeuchi TB219
      Takeuchi TB230
      Takeuchi TB235
      Takeuchi TB240
      Takeuchi TB250
      Takeuchi TB260
      Takeuchi TB290
      Takeuchi TB175
      Wacker Neuson 2503
      Wacker Neuson 3503
      Wacker Neuson EZ53
      Wacker Neuson EZ80
      Wacker Neuson ET65
      Wacker Neuson ET90
      Wacker Neuson ET145
      Bobcat 320
      Bobcat 322
      Bobcat 341
      Bobcat 442
      Bobcat 337
      Bobcat 435
      Bobcat E35
      Bobcat E45
      Bobcat E32
      Yanmar B08-3
      Yanmar SV08
      Yanmar SV17
      Yanmar B30V
      Takeuchi TB014
      Takeuchi TB23R
      Takeuchi TB108
      Takeuchi TB228
      Takeuchi TB135R
      Takeuchi TB275
      Sumitomo SH120-3
      Kubota KX71-2a
      Kubota KX41-2
      Bomag All
      Kubota KX61-2
      Peugot Bipper
      Ford Transit Diesel
      Landrover TD5
      NC Dumpers SW3
      Wacker Neuson TH412
      Dynapac CC800
      Kubota U35-3a2
      Kubota KX91-2
      Toyota Hi-Lux
      Hitachi EX60.5
      Bobcat E26
      Bobcat E50
      Doosan Solar 030 Plus
      IHI IHI 80NX-3
      Kubota KX36-2
      Kubota KX41-2V
      Kubota KX71--2
      Kubota KX41-3S
      Kubota KX41-3V
      Kubota KX019-4
      JCB 8027
      JCB 8032
      JCB 8050
      JCB 8052
      JCB 8055
      JCB 8060
      JCB 8065
      JCB 8080
      JCB 8085
      JCB 48Z-1
      JCB 51R-1
      JCB 55Z-1
      JCB 57C-1
      JCB 65R-1
      JCB 67C-1
      JCB 85Z-1
      JCB 86C-1
      JCB 90Z-1
      JCB 100C-1
      JCB JZ70
      Kubota KX41-2S
      Kubota KX042-4
      Kubota KX808-4a
      Kubota U35-3a3
      Kubota U36-4
      Volvo EC140BLC
      Hitachi ZX80
      Pel Job EB36
      Terex TA1

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